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At Johnson Enterprises Inc., every interaction is an opportunity to help our clients reach their goals. When you call us for commercial property sales and leasing in Jacksonville, FL, we put in the work to achieve the best results for you. In order to provide the best possible service we conduct in-depth research on the address and craft our listing agreements with your best interests in mind—before, during, and after the transaction. You can count on us for all aspects of a sale, including:

  • Marketing
  • Due Diligence
  • Sales Contracts 
  • Communications with Other Parties

From the closing attorney to the title company, we treat our clients like our own family. Our work is about making the right match, giving both sides of a deal the best possible value, and helping our local economy thrive. Because we focus on well-rounded service, we maintain connections and a reputation for integrity that allow us to connect buyers and sellers for mutual benefit. 


If you're looking to lease a property, rather than sell it, we can help with that. Our team leverages market knowledge and a variety of resources to attract the kinds of tenants that match well with your space. Using effective signage and in-depth communications with prospective renters, we work to align goals and ensure that each lease has long-term potential. We even recommend business courses for those looking to become more qualified as tenants for our clients. Take advantage of our rigorous application process and wealth of experience to make the most of any commercial leasing agreement.

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